dimanche, septembre 02, 2007

The peace (studies) racket

The peace (studies) racket

Cet article est radical, mais je suis d'accord. Citons :

George Orwell would have understood the attraction of privileged young people to the Peace Racket. “Turn-the-other-cheek pacifism,” he observed in 1941, “only flourishes among the more prosperous classes, or among workers who have in some way escaped from their own class. The real working class . . . are never really pacifist, because their life teaches them something different. To abjure violence it is necessary to have no experience of it.” If so many young Americans have grown up insulated from the realities that Vegetius and Sun Tzu (Si vis pacem, para bellum] elucidated centuries ago, and are therefore easy marks for the Peace Racket, it’s thanks to the success of the very things the Peace Racket despises above all—American capitalism and American military preparedness.

Orwell avait vraiment la liberté et l'anti-totalitarisme chevillés, non pas au corps, mais à l'intellect, ce qui est beaucoup plus intéressant.

Si nos imbéciles de gauche (et même nos imbéciles de droite) pouvaient lire Orwell, ça leur ferait le plus grand bien.

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