dimanche, avril 07, 2019

Ca s'applique aux macroniens !

Letwin est l'imbécile heureux pseudo-thatcherien (!!!!) dont l'action obstinée a permis de saboter le Brexit.

Le passage sur sa supposée « brillance » est savoureux.

And yet Sir Oliver, an alumnus of Mrs Thatcher’s policy unit, has now revealed himself as a Blairite Liberal Democrat, a toady to Europe and (for there are times when only vulgar abuse will do, and this Letwin-induced mess is one of them) a bloody idiot.

So much that is written about Sir Oliver describes his supposed brilliance, but one wonders why: idiocy has so often taken the upper hand. Most famously, he let two strangers into his house in the early hours of the morning one day in 2002, as one does, because they wished to use his lavatory. They burgled him. Despite the emphasis placed in government on confidentiality, he threw a pile of letters from constituents into a bin in St James’s Park. He is the sort of brilliant man who pulls doors marked “push”.

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