jeudi, janvier 29, 2015

Pêle-mêle : le despotisme des oligarques bruxellois, la révolte du peuple grec, la lâcheté des pouvoirs publics devant l'islam

Comme d'habitude, Chantal Delsol est très claire :

«L'Union européenne est une variante du despotisme éclairé»


On sait maintenant que le «sauvetage» de la Grèce de 2010 était en réalité un sauvetage de l'Euro et qu'aucun oligarque bruxellois n'en avait rien à foutre des souffrances des grecs :

Investors have woken up to Greece's nuclear risk

Evans-Pritchard a des mots très forts (c'est moi qui souligne) :

We have witnessed is "The Rape of Greece", to borrow the title of a new book by Nadia Valavani, suddenly catapulted into power as Syriza's deputy finance minister. IMF officials privately agree. The Fund confesses in its candid report that the Troika fatally underestimated the violence of the fiscal multiplier.

Yes, successive governments lied about the true state of public finances in the years leading up to the crisis, but this is a distraction in macroeconomic terms. The flood of French, German, Dutch, and AngloSaxon capital into Greece was so vast that the drama would have unfolded in much same way even if Greek politicians had been angels.

The greater lie was the silent complicity of all the relevant players in allowing the deformed structure of monetary union to incubate disaster. Surveillance reports by EU bodies in did not sound the alarm during the boom years, though one of the authors told me at clandestine lunches in Brussels that the whole of southern Europe was heading for disaster. Internal critics were silenced.

What has happened to Greece since then is a moral scandal. Leaked documents from the IMF Board confirm that country needed debt relief at the outset. This was blocked by the EU for fear that it would set off contagion at a time when the eurozone negligently did not have a lenderoflast resort. Greece was sacrificed to buy time for the euro.

The EU-IMF Troika forced a bankrupt country to take on further loan packages, allowing foreign banks to dump their bonds onto Greek taxpayers and trap Greek citizens in debt servitude. To add insult to injury, this was called a rescue.


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